How to Not Suck at Producing with Underbelly of “You Suck at Producing”

In this episode of the podcast I speak with Underbelly, who is the mind behind the hit YouTube channel “You Suck at Producing.”

If you’ve spent any time watching tutorials on YouTube, chances are you’ve come across his videos. Not only is he an amazing producer, but he’s also a very effective teacher.

He releases production tutorials on his channel each Thursday, mentors numerous of upcoming producers, and even teaches classes at a production school out on the west coast.

Here are a few of the key topics we discussed:

  1. The biggest mistakes he see’s producers making these days
  2. Key music theory concepts you should learn on
  3. How to finish more of your songs
  4. Tips for overcoming writer’s block
  5. Strategies for layering similar sounds together

Plus, Underbelly even breaks down his track “See Red” from his recent Shudder EP.

You can watch or listen to the interview below: 


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