Layering, Stereo Imaging, and Sound Design with Zetta

In this episode of The Sound.Academy Podcast I spoke with Zetta. He’s an outstanding bass producer hailing from Brazil and boasting releases on labels including Firepower Records, DSV Audio, and Odio records.

With quite a bit of teaching experience under his belt as well, Zetta has a deep understanding of what topics are important to master early on as a producer and what topics can wait.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to pick an overall theme for your song,
  • How to layer and process sounds together
  • Strategies for adding width to individual sounds and your whole track (without phasing)
  • Tips for adding background effects to make things more interesting
  • Strategies for making your tracks louder and making everything more tonally congruent
  • The importance of sound design and how to learn it

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