How to Make Catchy House Basses Like Claude VonStroke, Fisher, and Shiba San

In this tutorial I show you how to make house basses in Xfer Serum within Ableton Live 10. This style of basslines is used by Dirtybird artists like Claude VonStroke, Fisher, Shiba San, Will Clarke, and many more house producers. The main bass preset used in this tutorial is also available for free download.

When it comes discussing how to make house basses, the sound design and processing are usually pretty simple. What is the most important is the groove you create with the MIDI in your bass pattern, and properly balancing the kick with the bass.

As you can see here, the pattern I created is quite simple. Primarily consisting of eighth notes with a few sixteenth notes mixed in. To make your house bassline more catchy, you will want to alternate notes up or down a few semitones.

Now as you can see here, the Dirtybird-style house bass preset I created is quite simple as well. It basically consists of 3 separate sine waves with some minor processing within Serum. You can download this patch for free by visiting our free downloads page.

Now one last thing you want to be conscious of when making house, deep house or g-house basses is how audible the bass is on smaller speakers. In this example, I could barely hear my bassline on my laptop speakers so I knew I had to add some additional layers.

The second layer I added was the exact same Xfer Serum preset, just pitched up an octave. I then did some EQ to clean up any low end that would be conflicting with my main bass. This layer just provided some additional high end harmonics on top of the sub frequencies created by my main layer.

After that, I added an additional attack bass just to give my bass some more punch in the mid frequencies.

Once I had all 3 layers created, I just performed some minor compression and EQ to bring them all together. I recommend you watch the entire tutorial to learn how I glued these sounds together to sound like one cohesive bass, as well as some tricks you can use to help make your basslines stand out.

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