How to Get Organized, Be More Productive, and Build Your Career As an Artist with Syence

In this episode I spoke with Zach who is one of the two producers that make up the duo Syence. Zach is an extremely talented producer and has helped build the duo’s following to more than 176,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and features with some of the biggest electronic blogs and curators there are.

Zach also is a core member of the Hyperbits Masterclass team, so he is very knowledgable about the technicalities of production yet is able to breakdown complex topics in a simple and easy to understand way.

We talk about Zach’s move out to Los Angeles, how he’s grown his network in the music industry, and how he objectively measured the quality and progress of his music.

We also talk about the importance of getting organized and how to do it, and even the systems he’s put in place to maintain his productivity and output as a producer.

Zach even dives into the DAW to break down his latest remix of Jai Wolf’s “Lost”.

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