Visualizing Your Mix, Beefing Up Your Drums, and Strategic Marketing with Thomas Anthony

This week on the podcast I spoke with Thomas Anthony, who is an artist I have been a fan of and learned from for many years now. I actually first discovered him when watching his Ableton tutorials way back in the day where he would show exactly how he created his tracks and would give away tons of templates and presets for free.

Today, Thomas is a member of the duo Peep This which creates some awesome, groovy music. Thomas has also begun to release music under his full name, Thomas Anthony, that is much more melodic and a little more downtempo. This is actually a topic we discuss a little bit later in the episode.

With so many years of experience both teaching and producing under his belt, Thomas has so much amazing insight to provide, and we dove into a ton of great topics in this episode.

Here are a few of the key topics we discussed:

  1. What your priorities should be when first learning production
  2. The benefits of remaking tracks (and how to do it)
  3. How to make your tracks more full and interesting
  4. Strategies for beefing up your drums
  5. How to strategically release and market your music

Plus, Thomas even breaks down his track an upcoming track of his which falls under the genre “dirty/pretty”.

You can watch or listen to the interview below: 



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